Rollo mosquito screens

Roll mosquito nets

These mosquito screens allow you to raise and lower the barrier nets as needed. The screens is wrapped in aluminium housing, the rails with a brush, a winding on the spring system. The sreen is made of fiberglass fibers that is resistant to temperatures in the range from -35 to +80 degrees.

Fixed mosquito nets

Bases are made of PVC or aluminium with a tight network. The frame is mounted on the door on the outer side of the window.

Mosquito nets for door

Mosquito nets for doors with their own frame made, lets and integration in the holes where there is no door.

Mosquito nets doors is set of the frame of existing entrance and balcony doors.

Sliding mosquito nets, his opening / closing is performed by pulling to the left  / right.

Mosquito nets we powder coating color by customer.

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