Roll curtain


” Sunglasses for your glass surfaces “

In our offer we have roll curtains with three types of management: the spring , the ball chain ( plastic and metal ) and motor remote control.

Management system by a spring: roller mechanism of a spring is housed in aluminum housing and screen is moving through the guides which are also aluminum. These curtains are suitable for roof windows, during their lowering the canvas remains taut.

System of the chain: roller system that also have a gear which turns chain. The system can be installed freely, roller with carriers on the wall or ceiling, and can be placed in the enclosure housing sizes fi 62 mm or 75 mm, depends on the height of roll curtains, which depends on the thickness of the winding fabric. Housing is eloxt aluminum and if necessary to coat in white and cream color and metal ball chain.

System of the engine in this case is located in the tubular engine and they are in an aluminum housing dimensions fi 62 mm (lower level) and fi 75 mm (high level). For electric drive used tubular engine ” Somfy ” or ” Biosco “.

Materials for internal protection from the sun, are divided into three types: Sunprotection screen , black out and classic polyester materials. Materials for roll blinds are imported, mostly from the factory material Sunprotection screen ” COPACO ” from Belgium and ” HELIOSCREEN ” also from Belgium.

Material Sunprotection screen is made of fiberglass fibers, special fabric so that failure of a certain amount of light, depending on the density of the fabric and color of the material. This material is not flammable!


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